Quality control & Assurance

At Kilimanjaro Cements, we possess a well equipped quality control laboratory that houses the latest quality control equipment. Our cement is produced under stringent controls and international quality standards. All raw materials are tested for chemical compositions, which include the fusion methodology adopting the complexometric and gravimetric procedure.

Beyond certification, internal and external audits are performed, along with frequent management reviews to ensure the continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of our implemented management systems.

Periodical testing are done on an hourly basis for Calcium Oxide (CaO) and Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) using the complexometric analysis. Our Clinker is analyzed using the A.R grade of chemicals with calibrated burettes and pipettes. Selective mineral composition is used to improve the durability of our concrete even in aggressive environmental conditions. We produce clinker by using the vertical shaft kiln technology and imported petroleum coke as fuel that contains the highest calorific value.

At Kilimanjaro, our strength parameters are maintained at an MPA of 38 for 32.5 N and an MPA of 45 for 42.5 N At Kilimanjaro, the fineness and particle distribution is monitored at periodical hourly intervals using the 45 micron and 90 micron sieve check for residue.

We employ the latest in technological advancements in our manufacturing process so that we may deliver to our customers the highest quality cement in the market.