Kilimanjaro Cement Company Limited is a 9000 ton / month cement plant situated at Tanga – Tanzania. It is the first of its kind in Tanzania, a vertical shift kiln and is committed to attaining the highest quality of cement manufacturing in Tanzania. Our plant is controlled with a fiber optic connected PLC system from a central point. All equipment is monitored with exceptional response time through the process control system.

At Kilimanjaro we produce CEM II/A.P Portland composite cement, using natural pozolana. Our cement is economical and Eco friendly that contains lesser carbon foot prints as fuel consumption is comparatively low. Kilimanjaro cement is TBS Certified and is available in 32.5 N and 42.5 N Grades, An all purpose cement that possesses low heat hydration and high sulfate resistance.

Our environmental policy is designed to contribute in building a better world. We operate our facilities in accordance with local Tanzanian laws, standards and regulations; applying state-of- the-art environmental management systems.